Electronic scrap yards Johannesburg, e waste buyers and dealers

Electronic scrap yards Johannesburg, e-waste buyers, and dealers.  Become a part of the e-scrap solution worldwide.  South Africa is part of the world’s electronic junk problem.  With that, we have gone on a mission to change what happens to the electrical waste. 

So what can you do?  Easy, contact us, and let us take any old electric components off your hands. 

For instance, unused aerials and cables from TV sets.  Or DVD players, CD players, and radios.  Whatever it is we want it.

Electronic scrap yards Johannesburg

Data destruction solutions, electronic scrap yards Johannesburg

Data destruction solutions, scrap metal Johannesburg. What this means is we safely make sure all data from computers or cell phones are wiped clean.  This way no one else can retrieve information from reused components.

We issue certificates to prove all data has been disposed of for your peace of mind.

Our company believes in a good clean environment, and so the concept and mission of minimizing the carbon footprint was born.  Things like lead can be a health hazard.  We are part of a system that helps eliminate it.

Parts like circuit boards are the perfect candidate for our recycling plant.  We buy e-waste like this as the metal and gold can be reused.

E waste ethics

E-waste ethics are important at electronic scrap yards Johannesburg.  We stand by our word to do what is best with your old electrical trash.

Our company complies with the world standard of The Institute of Waste Management Southern Africa.

You need to know that a professional company manages data with privacy.  Not only this but we are also regulated by the e-waste Association of South Africa.

All electronics are accepted.  For example, ceramic CPUs, cellphones, or cellphone boards.  Alternatively, parts like electronic motors, and PC boxes.

Talk to our agents at electronic scrap yards Johannesburg for more information.

Our business remains honest and committed to good service.  We buy e-scrap at good rates.

We believe in following the health and safety regulations of our industry.  Plus, our commitment to keeping your personal information at the top of our list.

Today be a part of a future solution.

Electronic scrap yards Johannesburg

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